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flagship sunbed K11 Air

For the first time, and red light. This opens up completely new possibilities to make your tanning experience even more individual. Choose your Dream destination, shift the sun to the desired time of day, and enjoy your short getaway.

Our Tanning Beds

Bugatti K9S (megasun)

With the K7 KBL build the foundation of the K-Series. Captivating design and innovative technologies lead the way for the newest top model K9S. Born from the pen of Etienne Salomé, a designer known for his work for Bugatti automobiles, the K9S completes the K-Series.

Our Tanning Beds

Porsche P9S (Megasun)

The P9S’s innovative LED-based SunSphere system avoids this unwanted infra-red radiation and only uses the wavelengths desired during tanning. Homogeneously distributed via aspherical glass lenses. Blue UVA LEDs guarantee excellent direct pigmentation for an immediately visible tan. Red beauty LEDs provide skin care while tanning. And yellow UVB special lamps build up pigments and vitamin D. 

Our Tanning Beds

Vegaz 9200 (Luxura)

Innovative light technology, a breathtaking design and sensational quality, that is what the Luxura VEGAZ stands for; the premium model within the Luxura range of professional tanning equipment. Both the dimensions and the design are overwhelming, and every detail has been carefully designed. New technological developments result in amazing energy efficiency and smart innovations create an ultimate comfortable and relaxing tanning experience.

Our Tanning Beds

Thunder (Megasun)

The Tower Thunder Hybrid combines the best of low-pressure technology. Twenty-six high-performance UV tubes and twenty-six smartSunlight tubes combine beautiful tanning, biopositive effects, anti-aging through collagen light, and flawless skin through the cleansing effect of the light’s blue ratio. 

Our Tanning Beds

V8 (Luxura)

Pure elegance, perfect quality and an eye-catching design go hand in hand with the most prestigious performance thanks to advanced new features and functionalities. The stylish Luxura V8 is the absolute top in the vertical sunbed segment. Not only because of the eye-catching design that is beautifully lit from head to toe with an attractive play of colors, but also because of the many features and functionalities that guarantee a very luxurious and comfortable sun experience. The V8 is standard equipped with Ambient FlowLight, XL Light, a connection with the MyLuxura portal and SoftClose doors.